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My Most Recent Work

April 2022 - Today


As a full-stack engineer for Mavely, I am responsible for developing and managing API's and integrating them with the front-end. Given that Mavely is a startup - I will frequently have to bounce back and forth between many roles.

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November 2019 - Today


As the founder and lead-engineer for Botnie - I am responsible for everything from product development to marketing. Botnie has been a personal side project for me since late 2019. I really kicked development into gear when the pandemic hit and the issues with our food supply chain became more apparent.

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January 2022 - April 2022


As a senior software engineer for IdeaTek I was responsible for building out new internal systems that enabled the company to scale faster. Most of these systems revolved around improving their GIS databases to enable optimized cable expansion routes and improved cost estimates.

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October 2021 - January 2022


As the first engineer at mmnt* I was responsible for building and architecting everything on both the front-end and back-end. It was also critical that I be able to pitch in for non-technical conversations and contribute to the branding.

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About My Site

I started this website in May of 2021 to host my portfolio. I've had a ton of fun building it and adding in little "Easter eggs." I'll often use random urls on the site to play around with design ideas. I also use the server to host some experimental scripts or apps. One of my favorite "portfolio projects" so far has been this interactive map displaying the general locations of my site's viewers. Can you find your dot?